Canongate Partners is a consulting firm that mobilizes the human capital and financial resources available to meet the needs of British companies interested or engaged in cross-border business in the United States of America.

  • Our expertise in the diverse markets of the United Kingdom and the United States is based on many decades working and living in these countries. Doing business in London is different than in Edinburgh just as doing business in New York is different from Boston. Crossing the Atlantic creates a new level of complexity which requires experts to navigate. Our team of English, Scottish, and American executives draw on their cross-border experiences to provide a high level and relevant market intelligence presented through specifically tailored pre-deployment and carefully crafted management briefings, with a focus on providing information on “how and with whom to do business” in specific markets.

  • The highly competitive human capital market in the United States is tricky to navigate without a dedicated executive search and recruitment partner with a unique and in-depth understanding and appreciation of the cultural and language differences between the UK and USA. A second vital component is our understanding of the various forms and sources of financial capital, and here we can provide introductions to sources of funding appropriate for each company’s needs.


We connect people with opportunities.

  • We are a global firm, with expertise in the United Kingdom and the United States. Our team consists of former bankers, consultants, business operators, Directors, and executive recruiters. As such, our extensive networks offer clients access to the relevant business and government leaders in the United States. We provide end to end support and guidance to enable our clients to increase their probability of commercial success as they enter the huge, diverse, and complex US market.


We work with clients who are seeking to expand into previously untapped markets.

  • Each market is unique. Expansion requires not only business contacts but also an in-depth understanding of the broader environment in which the business must operate. Some clients approach us with a desire to enter a specific region or state, while others require broader advisory experience to determine the locations that are best suited and provide the most significant growth potential for their products or services. We customize and tailor our work and market assessment reports per engagement. We provide direct access to an extensive network of local country and industry experts that help our clients navigate the intricacies of the new marketplace. Funding and financial support are critical components for any company, and we help facilitate access to appropriate sources of capital.


  • We are networkers.

    We believe passionately in the power of connections and collectively have over a century of experience working in a wide range of roles both in the public and private sector, including banking, executive search, marketing and development, higher education, and the fine arts. Conley Search Group ( is our US executive recruiting partner with over 100 years of combined recruiting experience in the US and UK.

    We are relationship experts.

    We are continually searching to make the “right” connection between ideas and markets, business plans and capital, and most importantly, the right connections between people.

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