We connect people with opportunities. 

  • We are a global firm, with particular expertise in the emerging markets.  Through our own extensive networks and those of our partners, we have experience working in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia and with growing ties in India and Africa. 

We work with both companies and individuals in two core areas:

  • - introduction to new markets for their products and services
    - recruitment of the right people for their business in these markets

Where appropriate, we can also introduce our clients to potential sources of capital.


We work with clients who are seeking to expand into previously untapped markets. 

Each market is unique.  Expansion requires not only business contacts, but also an in-depth understanding of the broader environment in which the business must operate.

Some clients approach us with a specific desire to enter a particular market(s), while others require broader advisory experience to determine the market(s) that are best suited and provide the greatest growth potential for their products or services.

We do not provide boilerplate country analysis and market assessment reports.  What we do provide is direct access to an extensive network of local country and industry experts that help our clients navigate the intricacies of the new marketplace.  Through our personal contacts and those of our partners we work to:

  • - introduce clients to key local contacts with in-depth insights into the politics, regulations, economics and culture of the target country
    - identify and introduce suitable partners
    - identify and introduce sources of investment capital - provide access to training on practice and process in the target country(ies)


    We are networkers. 

    We believe passionately about the power of connections and collectively have over 30 years of experience working in a wide range of roles both in the public and private sector, including banking, executive search, marketing and development, higher education and the fine arts. 

    We are relationship experts.

    We are constantly searching to make the “right” connection between ideas and markets, business plans and capital and most importantly, the right connections between people.

    We are global. 

    Each partner has extensive experience working internationally, from capital raising for the governments of Turkey and South Africa to renewing traditional arts and architecture in Afghanistan.