The start of the third decade of the 21st Century provides opportunities and challenges in a post-Brexit world. As companies consider how to expand and enter new markets, we are ready to provide the advice and guidance needed. As business becomes more complex in a world of trade wars and tensions, the need for clarity and a focused business plan has never been greater. With 2020 comes the need for 20-20 vision, seeing the way forward and plotting a course that will ensure success.
By bringing together the best and most experienced advice, we work with your leadership team to help evaluate your business plans and share ideas for market entry. The two critical components of the right people (human capital) and the right funding (financial capital) are the twin pillars needed by every venture and this is especially important when entering new markets and understanding new cultures and practices.
As a team we have many years’ experience gained from building our own businesses in diverse places and under diverse conditions. In 2020 we look forward to bringing that to bear for our clients and deliver the outcomes that they look for. Increased shareholder activism is heightening the need for companies to be aware of their environmental, ethical and social responsibilities.
These are exciting times and we look forward to hearing from you and working together.

Why Canongate?

Canongate Partners draws on the skills of a network of experts with whom we engage on relevant projects to supplement our core team when needed. Links to global research institutions add to the convening power to address and solve problems through contacts that I have built up over thirty years in this business. During that same period, many companies and institutions have undergone a revolution with fewer and often better staff and offices to ensure improved, cost effective delivery of products and services. This devolved structure is one that we have adopted, and we think that the benefits are apparent.
Consulting is about people and I have been fortunate to have met and worked with many of you over the years, solving problems, sharing ideas and debating issues. Canongate Partners has been set up to enable me to continue to do this and, in some cases, reconnect with you.

What Next?

If you have read this far, please consider how we can connect and where in your company or institution you might use us. We can be reached easily by a single call or e mail. I hope to hear from you soon.


+ 44 7917 283786 (UK
+ 1 475 298 3708 (US)

Roddy Gow - October 2019