We live in a complex and fast changing world where cross border challenges to doing business are further complicated by the uncertainty of global relationships such as Russia, the United States and China. Geographical borders are rendered almost obsolete by the internet and web based means of communication which bridge boundaries and also threaten the integrity of intellectual property and throw into question existing business strategies.

Looking at 2017 as it stretches before us, we can be forgiven for thinking that the world order is being turned on its head with disillusionment with globalisation and the growth of protectionist nationalism. Many politicians have lost control of the narrative.

Pause for a moment to consider how some of the corporations and institutions that you are involved with are coping with these challenges which call for far better market intelligence, accessing the right financial capital and partners and, critically, securing and deploying the right human capital at Board and executive level.


Canongate Partners draws on the skills of a network of experts with whom we engage on relevant projects where their expertise is needed. Links to global research institutions add to the convening power to address and solve problems through contacts that I have built up over thirty years in this business. During that same period, many businesses have undergone a revolution with fewer staff and offices to ensure better, cost effective delivery of services. This devolved structure is the one that we have adopted and we think that the benefits are really apparent.

Consulting is about people and I have been really fortunate to have met and worked with many of you over the years, solving problems, sharing ideas and debating issues. Canongate Partners has been set up to enable me to continue to do this and in some cases reconnect with those of you with whom I have been out of touch in recent years. I hope that we can work together again in the coming months.


If you have read this far, please consider how we can connect and where in your company or institution you might refer me. I am active in the domestic and international markets at Board and senior leadership team level and can be reached easily by a single call or e mail. I hope to hear from you soon!

Roddy Gow - January 2017