Canongate Partners takes its name from The Canongate, a small but important district in historic Edinburgh and current home of the Scottish Parliament.  The Canongate is named after the canons of Holyrood Abbey and the Scots word gait (“road”).
The Canongate, once a separate township before its incorporation into the Scottish capital in 1856, was closely associated with the key thinkers of the Scottish Enlightenment, including economist and philosopher Adam Smith (1723-1790).  The movement’s great thinkers shared an optimistic belief in the ability of humanity to effect changes for the better, for both the individual and for society as a whole. Smith’s Theory of Moral Sentiments expounded the importance of social relationships, while his most famous work, The Wealth of Nations, argued that the creation of value and wealth was linked intrinsically not only to the capital invested, but also to the labour employed. 

The influence of the Scottish movement was felt around the world.  Enlightenment ideas spread beyond the country’s borders – spreading across the British Empire, onto the Continent and influencing the early political and economic thinking of America’s founding fathers.  Smith’s promotion of open markets laid the foundations for free cross-border trade on a truly global basis.  Just as he argued that countries should specialise in trading the goods and services in which they excelled, Smith also believed that individuals should capitalise on their existing talents, while continuing to develop new and enhanced skills.

Like the area of the Canongate itself, Canongate Partners is small but highly influential.  Like Adam Smith, we do not underestimate the dynamism of global markets.  We link our clients to those markets where they will have the greatest competitive advantage.  We also passionately believe in the power of human capital.  We work closely with our clients to distinguish the leading talent - as well as to identify the visionaries that can and will add value across a broad range of products and cultures.  

We also share a strong moral code.  Our relationships with our clients are built on integrity and trust.  We work with them to bring lasting positive change to both their business and to the market overall.